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    MAIL ORDER MYSTERIES | Generations of comic book readers remember the tantalizing promises of vintage novelty advertisements that offered amazing feats of magic, authentic laser-gun plans, x-ray specs, counterfeiting machines, sea monkeys, shocking devices, and even 7-foot-tall monsters (with glow-in-the-dark eyes!). But what would you really get if you entrusted your hard-earned money to the post office?

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    Mail-Order Mysteries Real Stuff from Old Comic Book Ads

  • Caitlin Noel

    Mail-Order Mysteries Book

  • David Gallagher

    Remember those "X-Ray Spex" they used to sell in the back of comic books for a buck? The ones that helped you see through clothes...... This book covers all the mail order novelties that were sold in the back of comic books.  Take a trip down memory lane.  Very cool book!

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Definitely want to check this out. The ads in the backs of silver age books are some of my favorite parts!

Honestly, good books can be difficult to come across, but when you finally do, it's so rewarding to finish the novel...then open it and start again xx

"El escenario de mi cuento es esta tierra, en la que actualmente vivimos. Pero el período histórico es imaginario". » J. R. R. Tolkien

antique books in prague... i would love to do a painting like this with each book a different part of the dewey decimal system

Old books photo taken at Wolverhampton Art Gallery | via Flickr