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    karma ...karma

    3y Saved to AMEN to that
    • Holli G

      Karma This is true- it took 20 yrs., but God has allowed me to watch a certain person get what he gave me: rampant jealousy

    • Will Kim

      This quote reminds me of Banquo in Macbeth. Instead of taking his revenge on Macbeth by haunting him, Banquo simply sits back and watches Macbeth ruin himself. One could say that karma came back and bit Macbeth for all the selfish actions and crimes he had committed.

    • Kayla James

      Although revenge is a delicious dish, karma is not the same thing. There are times when you are allowed to see the manifestation of karma in someone else's life - someone who has hurt you - problem I have found is that it's not all that satisfying afterall. So, I think it's just best to live your life and do as little harm as possible and just know that God's truth always prevails.

    • Ann Brewer Smith

      How oh so true.. ironic that someone posted this on pinterest and I just learned about someone else's karma being a bitch... I didn't get to watch, but it is still comforting to know that karma is still a bitch... that's what you get for hurting my kid...

    • Jessica King-Hill

      You don't go through life reaking havoc on others lives and not expect KARMA... I hate to say this & I'm not proud, but I hope I get to witness it

    • Mrs. Amanda Curiel

      I definitely believe in karma... What goes around comes around. We can not live life treating people poorly, and expect good things to come to us. We all have things we can improve on. If everyone would take a step back, and change one negative thing the world would be a better place!

    • Allison LaPradd sometimes takes a while for people to get what's coming, but as long as you do the right thing karma will catch up to them in one way or another...and when it does it will totally be worth it! If only we could watch...;)

    • Simone Sanchez

      Especially for those hypocrites who say Karma to you all the while they are causing the problems. I've been lucky enough to sit and watch them get theirs ;-)

    • Kris Mielke

      KARMA - No need for revenge. Just sit back & wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves & if you're lucky, God will let you watch. For now, don't them their problem be your problem, and don't support nor perpetuate their sins further. There are legions of demons who possess people's thoughts, and prey on people's insecurities. Bullies need to dominate & control, or gain popularity by putting others down.

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    So true!

    ♥♥ karma karma karma karma karma Put it out to the universe ask for what you want feel like you already have it Acceptancesinabundance@.loveme

    True - #quotes - ☮k☮


    this is so true.