12 Money Saving Tips From The Great Depression

Depression era cooking- 1. Buy it with thought 2. Cook it with care 3. Serve just enough 4. Save what will keep 5. Eat what will spoil 6. Home grown is best When the Great Depression hit about 10 years later there was some history and knowledge in place of how to make frugal meals and how to get the most out of your food supply.

Depression era: when they realized women were using their sacks to make clothes for their children, the mills started using flowered fabric for their sacks. The label was designed to wash out.

49 Lessons Learned From Depression-Era Parents....these are some great ideas.

Tight, cheap, frugal or thrifty - whatever you call it, how far would you go to save money? Check out the 50 most unconventional money saving tips - EVER.

16 Tips From The Depression Era That Are Actually AWESOME MONEY SAVING Life Hacks

Long ago when things were saved...and there were no plastic wrap or bags...and the well and the pump were way out back--a versatile item was the flour sack!

Reuse every single container that comes into your home. | 16 Tips From The Depression Era That Are Actually Life Hacks

Depression - 1936

Vintage Great Depression, De Ouro, Depression Era, 1930S Vintage, Neat Clothes

Little girl during the US Depression in 1936

People living during the Great Depression knew how to stretch their money. Take these 10 Money Saving Tips from the Great Depression

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the great depression | Many children were deserted and left homeless during the Depression

Some meals that were eaten during the Great Depression....how many of these are familiar to you?

The Great Depression. http://www.google.com/imgres?q=Depression+workers=en=2=1280=864=isch=puPhYOf0nyA-VM:=http://wonkette.com/440768/hot-new-trend-working-actual-professional-jobs-for-free-as-interns=6ZjUS9Py60oEaM=324=242=F6BDTrW6DMvMswbKj6TUBw=1=rc=430=1=134=174=0=34=1t:429,r:31,s:0=35=51

Children line up for a cup of soup and a slice of bread in 1934 during the depression (photo from State Library of NSW - NKCR)

Bread and soup during the Great Depression

One-room school most of these girls are wearing dresses made of patterned flour and chicken feed sacks