How to Attract Hummingbirds "Flying Jewels" to Your Garden

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Hummingbird Food Recipe

hummingbird babies are very lovely

How To Attract Hummingbird's & Butterflies To Your Garden

Epsom Salt Garden

How to Make a Ladybug Feeder & Attract Them to Your Garden ~ they feed on aphids, mealybugs, leaf hoppers, scales and mites.

Attract Hummingbirds to Your Yard with This Easy Nectar Recipe: Attract hummingbirds with a simple nectar recipe.

Homemade Butterfly Feeder~Use 4 parts water to one part sugar, and add over-ripe fruit. Bright colors will attract them.

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A little bowl containing orange slices attracts butterflies in droves, who knew?

Wish I could do this with mine

Instructions on How to Make a Hummingbird House -- Hummingbirds are not attracted to conventional bird houses. Instead, they prefer an open home, which is why they build nests in the forks of tree branches. You can create a hummingbird house but the house should be designed specifically to suit hummingbirds if that is the species that you hope to attract.

Attracting Butterflies & Hummingbirds A garden is just not complete without birds, butterflies, and ladybugs…right? I’m sure you already know the wonderful flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. But, there are several other things you can do that will bring ‘em in fast! Here are a few things in our garden that work like a dr...

Hummingbird food recipe

The Rainforest Garden: Growing Ginger Roots from the Grocery Store

For the Deck: Mosquito grass (a.k.a. Lemon Grass) repels mosquitoes. The strong citrus odor drives mosquitoes away. Very functional patio plant, plus, the leaves make a great healthy tea, and the cut up stems are great in Thai dishes, like Tom Lum (coconut milk) soup.

Dried Banana Peel Chips Great Plant Fertilizer~I have used this with my roses, and they bloom like crazy after I put the banana peels on them

We have beautiful humming birds right outside our office windows everyday. This feeder would be a great way to say thank you for stopping by.

How to Attract Hummingbirds ~ Learn how to create the perfect environment for hummingbirds so that they will keep coming back year after year.