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  • Krystal White

    For us vinegar users, most of these we already know but there were a bunch I had never heard of... 45 uses for vinegar. ooh, THIS is GREAT PIN.

  • Willfully Disobedient

    45 uses for vinegar #Cleaning #Vinegar

  • TootsiBlueShoes

    Vinegar uses... 45 uses for vinegar. THIS is GREAT PIN.

  • Nancy Krouse

    45 uses for Vinegar ... I use vinegar for LOTS of stuff , but this link has some new ideas! it also has other at home cleaning ideas

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45 uses for vinegar ... seriously! its the new duct tape! all you need is vinegar and baking soda and you can pretty much do anything!

45 new uses for vinegar: Just a bit of this multitasker, straight up or mixed with water, can replace many pricier products huddled under your sink.

a pinner says: I am in heaven - I saw it on somebody else's pinterest, but can't remember who - i did the white vinegar and dawn dish soap to clean the shower tonight. AMAZING!!!!!!! I did one cup each. Put it in a squirt bottle, shook it up - sprayed it on and let it sit for about an hour - came back and with a soft sponge, it wiped right off!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

46 Creative Uses for Vinegar! ~ from ~ you'll be amazed at some of these creative cleaning tips and tricks! #diy #thefrugalgirls

My mom swears by vinegar, so much so I'm goin to make sure she's buried with a bottle for the after life! Now I know why, there are a million uses its AMAZING

Whether you ran out of your favorite brand or you just washed your hair au naturel with a DIY baking-soda blend, an apple-cider-vinegar-and-water rinse is a surprisingly efficient conditioner. #surprisingusesforvinegar

10 tips for cleaning with Vinegar-I've recently started using vinegar to clean counter tops and mirrors where it is streak free effortlessly. I'm not too fond of the smell but I love that I'm not coating all of my surfaces with chemicals! Not to mention how much cheaper it is!!

175 Uses for Naturally Fresh White Vinegar. Some new ones I've never heard about on this list.

A million uses for vinegar......for cleaning, for pets, for everything! Who knew it was so great?!