Easy way to make hanging flower balls. Wiffel Ball.

Dollar store topiary

styrofoam ball, hot glue, and a bouquet of fake flowers

This is a great idea~ make a cake stand with dollar store plates and glasses too.

Dollar store flowers, styrofoam ball, and a candle stick.

Tin cans, spray paint, and lace.

Cute outdoor decoration. Wooden letter from crafts store, flat marbles from dollar store (or mardi gras beads). Sobert

fake flower ball decor

put a thumb tack in your wall and glue a magnet onto a fake flower. Stick the flower onto the tack.

Candle stick apothecary jars. This would be a great idea to hold cotton balls and cotton swabs in a bathroom!

spray painting plastic stuff with metallic paint- also with solid white paint. Makes dollar store junk look like Pottery Barn chic!

Dollar Store Bins covered with fabric using hot glue (no sewing needed). Love this idea!.

tshirt rug! Look out goodwill pile I'll be going back through you to find some tshirts!

making a flower pom pom

DIY monogrammed plates

Crepe Paper Roses tutorial - Rosette Kissing Balls

Buttons / Hot Glue / Canvas = AwEsOmE!!

diy flowers

Pompoms for your ceiling! Love these -- made with dyed coffee filters, a #styrofoam ball & ribbon!

diy felt flower balls

Painted Dollar Store vases...click to see the result...WOW!!!