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DIY snow-cone syrup. 2 cups sugar, 3/4 cups water, heat till sugar dissolves, add your favorite unsweetened kool-aid. Store in fridge. Pour over finely crushed ice.

Let oranges or lemons soak in food coloring… Freeze and you could put them in a super cute punch. Cute idea for a bridal or baby shower, or just a hot summer day.

The Decorated Cookiefrom The Decorated Cookie

all about food coloring

When you are decorating those cakes & cookies for the Holidays... All about food coloring!

Cupcakes baked in ketchup cups, so cute for a party or a shower! You can use a flat baking sheet too as the cups are strong enough and don't need a muffin tin.


How to Color Frosting Like a Pro

cool color palette frostings

I THINK I JUST DIED!!!! 1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of food coloring, baking sheet and 10 mins in oven to make edible glitter....

Mom On Timeoutfrom Mom On Timeout

How To Make Your Own Colored Sugar

DIY Colored Sugar | - So easy you should never have to buy colored sugar again!

To gloss the frosting on a freshly baked cake, lightly blow warm air over the top and the sides of the cake until the frosting melts a little. When it cools, the surface will stay shiny for a professional finish.


Bayou Brownies

Bayou Brownies - made with a yellow cake mix, cream cheese, and powdered sugar .

your homebased momfrom your homebased mom

Candy Corn Cakes and Cake Tutorial

Helpful Food Coloring Chart~ how many drops make each color!

Sprinkle Some Funfrom Sprinkle Some Fun

Sprinkles! {diy custom colors}

Candy Sprinkles! {diy custom colors): buy white sprinkles, but them into different ziploc bags. Add some gel or liquid food coloring on the inside of the bag near the sprinkles. close the zip top and mix well until looks uniform. pour onto sheet pan until dry. the store as any other sprinkles.

girl. Inspired.from girl. Inspired.

strawberry dream frosting

Strawberry Dream Frosting made with Marshmallow Fluff, butter, & Powdered Sugar