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Hillary Clinton wants to represent the United States of America as our president. But her friends at Monsanto are poisoning our planet! TAKE ACTION! Tell Hillary: It's time to protect the people and our planet and dump Monsanto and support public health, and regenerative, organic agriculture! #MonsantoMakesUsSick

Aspergers - Advanced Vocabulary, Sensitive to Criticism, Particular Topic Obsession, Endless Talking, Rigid, Gifted, Easily Distressed, Remiss, Socially Challenged

Famous people with Aspergers and their achievements...

I believe that teens who age out of the foster system at 18, still deserve to be adopted by someone or some family. They need that support of an older person. Why not change someones life? The one difference between my adult friend and me is she never got adopted and I did. Because of that our lives have gone two different directions.

Global Developmental Delay


abandoned baby in Haiti

9/11 - Real heroes

This rare 9/11 photo of the first flag raised at #Groundzero wasn't released until ten years after September 11, 2001. #9/11 9/11 Rescue workers following the collapse of #WorldTradeCenter Twin Towers (Two of the 4 Targets of #911) Remembering and Honoring the Heroes of 9-11-2001 9-11 #NeverForget #911 #Remembering911 9/11/2001

I hope and pray that no one forgets ~ 9/11...

This just made my day

Medical providers can help prevent FASD - Monday, Sept 9, is FASD Awareness Day - let's spread the word that FASD is 100% preventable and open a dialogue

Sept 9 is FASD Awareness Day. Do you know what FASD stands for? Do you know how to prevent FASD?

Prevent FASD! Don't drink while pregnant!

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and related you know why I'm tired!

10 Things to Say When Someone is Rude to Your Special Needs Child


For every child that is diagnosed with F.A.S. there are an estimated 3 children who do not have any outward physical characteristics of the syndrome but who are manifesting neuro-behavioral deficits.

Get 60 pages of great ideas to build FASD Awareness. - please comment and add your own ideas and links to build this information for the future. Live Abilities: 60 FASDay Ideas

A pregnancy test dispenser like this one, will soon appear in a Thunder Bay bar. The dispensing machines, currently available in Minnesota, accept credit cards. The Canadian machine will accept cash. The tests will cost $3.

CHD Awareness

CHD Awareness

CHD Awareness... In honor of Gabi

FASD Youth Giving False Confessions

What Corrections Need to Know about FASD