Galaxy dress, I would wear this everyday!!

Galaxy + Studs Outfit ♥

So pretty!

Black dress :]


I love fit and flare/A-line dresses and hemline details/adornment. This one is spectacular, but truth be told too much pastel, too bright and young... Need some black in there and a few less colors. Still, if I had the right event, I would wear and adore this dress!!

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1940s....Oh my goodness....Oh my...I love this dress....WOW

I would consider wearing this dress even though it is red. its gorgeous

Party earrings! Obsessed with these glitter stud earrings | Kate Spade.

Cloud Galaxy Tights

I NEED this.


pastel mint dress / modcloth

I really like this dress! I think that it's really pretty!


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I need this dress

pastel rainbow shorts. been on the DIY list forever.