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Wow, women are powered by emotion, I've never heard that before! Tell me more, Guy Who's Got It All Figured Out...




this is just ridiculous. i almost died. these are so stupid but so so hilarious

Haha, I remember some of these from when I was a kid :) Love you mom!


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Truths For Mature Adults


s-hi-t!! design by gulshan kishor and mellin paulo bernardo #shit #font #typography #graphicdesign #typographyjoke

Marine humor <----- Marine truth.! Ooh Rah. No wants to die - but - I will not go out in a civil war battle whimpering and sobbing - I'll go out in a hail of bullet fire or an explosion that levels my city block! I'm a WOLF and I will fight for my life.

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Royal Blue Runners, Napkins, Vases and Flowers : wedding royal blue black blue reception Cupcake Tree 3

One of the best pins I shall ever pin.

"I talked my kids into trying this...and I wet my pants at the looks on their faces when it worked." Lol. I'll have to try this someday.

None of you read the " next sentence " because it wasn't actually a sentence!!!

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