Marsha Silverman

red swan teapot

Alice in Wonderland - Queen of hearts Teapot :)

Texas Teapot Tournament_18 Hands Gallery_Untitled_Red Teapot Todd Burns


Add a whimsical touch to your tea time when you pour a cup from this cool new Turtle Teapot by Balinese artist Putu Oka Mahendra.

Judith Weber Dragon Red Teapot via momsturf #Teapot #Judith_Weber #momsturf

"Teapot - 2000" love this Teapot!! Blue - approximately 6.5" x 6.5" x 3.75", pâte de verre, lampwork glass, fine & sterling silver Kristina Logan

Teapot by Roseline Delisle


Dancing teapots • Hennie Meyer Looks like it should be in Alice in Wonderland!


Hot Air Balloon Teapot! I love the incongruity of a ceramic ballon and the real sense of tension and lightness about this pot.

"Figure Tea Set with Ring" Ceramic Teapot created by Michael Torre. Hand built non-functional ceramic teapot made with the sqraffito technique, a process of painting a layer of black slip over the surface of leather hard clay, and then cutting through the dark surface to the clay body beneath. The end result is an intricate and detailed two-color design.


Lorna Meaden >> beautiful!

Tea Pot by Larisa Safaryan

Turning Bull Pottery - London, Ontario Teapots, Hand Painted, Handmade, Stoneware


"Teapot" / Karl Yost

Pottery Tea Set Handmade Tea Pot Tray Cups by MalloryvillePottery