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Sid the Science Kid: Sense-Ational Adventures


Five Senses Assessment

Five senses activities

Kindergarten Smiles: Five Senses

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SCIENCE & 5 senses

Fun ideas for exploring our 5 senses.

Learning about the five senses is fun and exciting for preschoolers. Christmas time is a great time to explore our sense of smell. This FREE mini science lesson helps you explore the sense of smell in a fun and hands on way with even the littlest learners.

My Five Senses by Aliki How do you learn what the world is like? Through your five senses! Each sound and taste, each smell, sight, and touch helps you to discover something new. So find out more about your senses-what they are and what you can learn through them about the exciting world.The world awaits! http://www.amazon.com/dp/006445083X/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_DGzoqb1MXKA8W

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Kindergarten Smiles: Five Senses Freebie!

I made these Sense of Smell Swatches and Sense of Touch Boards last year for a early years class I was teaching. They were used as part of our Five Senses Unit. They were a hit! The kids loved to feel and smell the different boards and swatches as it gave them hands-on tactile objects to explore and manipulate.

Kid's Stocking Stuffers for the Five Senses from www.bellandboard.com

Using the book, "Sniff, Sniff" for a lesson on the sense of smell. Kids try to identify a variety of smells from "smelly jars"

Science Fair: Exploring Taste: Sweet, Sour, Salty, and Bitter. Intended for kindergarten but can be adapted for any grade level

Seed Jar Science Experiment For Kids. Spring science activity about how a seed grows is perfect for preschool and kindergarten science activities. A simple mason jar seed jar is fun for kids to make and watch seeds growing this Spring. Earth science activity for Earth Day ideas.

It Feels...5 senses activity

This is an awesome resource for science activities with kids. I love the beating heart experiment and #1 is simple and fun!

Best Science Toys for Preschool and Kindergarten. Fun, hands-on science tools to support STEM learning!