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Sound ideas could be extended for elementary children to talk about sound waves and how they work (add in tuning forks, etc.)

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Idea. Do five senses with pictures of the kids body parts (eyes, nose, ears, hands and, mouth)

This is good for working on increasing expression/vocabulary using the five senses visual to describe objects/situations!

5 senses: guess vinegar/water by sight ... then taste. guess sugar/salt by sight... then taste

5 senses fun! Lots of projects and experiments you can organize at home (or school!)

My Five Senses by Aliki How do you learn what the world is like? Through your five senses! Each sound and taste, each smell, sight, and touch helps you to discover something new. So find out more about your senses-what they are and what you can learn through them about the exciting world.The world awaits!

I made these Sense of Smell Swatches and Sense of Touch Boards last year for a early years class I was teaching. They were used as part of our Five Senses Unit. They were a hit! The kids loved to feel and smell the different boards and swatches as it gave them hands-on tactile objects to explore and manipulate.

WWW.FAILIOUS.COM This is an awesome resource for science activities with kids. I love the beating heart experiment and #1 is simple and fun!

Simple & Fun Fizzy Hearts #Science for Kids - Perfect for Valentine's Day! #preschool Chemistry activity for preschool.

Five Senses - Touch Bags: Let children feel object with bag closed and try to gues whats inside.... ook leuk om fruit of groentes in de zakken te doen en te laten voelen... op laten schrijven wat zij denken wat er in zit. daarna controleren of ze het goed hebben.