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Planet Nibiru to pass Earth by August 2013 by Juz Cuz 3 months ago 612,737 views Planet Nibiru to pass Earth by August 2013 With Niburu fast approaching and bumping a…

NASA gives Massive Solar Flare Warning - Electric Power Grid Failure could come soon. uploaded by Christian James 8 months ago 1,129 views. Stop what you are doing and watch this video. It could save your life! NASA and scientists around the world are warning of a coming Massive Solar Flare Event that could wipe out our power grid…Discovery Channel

Biblical Prophecy Wormwood Planet X Nibiru by DiscoveryDisclosure 1 month ago 1,980 views Debuting on the show, researcher Jaysen Q. Rand shared his view that Planet X is drawing close to Earth and will wreak havoc as ...

NASA Expert Warns of Coming Catastophic Event in August - November 2013 (MUST SEE)

Wormwood passes Earth in Aug. 2013 by Steven Proctor 3 months ago 373,197 views Could this be what the governments of the world are preparing for? The underground cities, the grain bank, etc. HD

New! NASA UFO - Leaked Moon images and video! we will be in a new world order and can become Godly but not by the fucking ignorant UFO's (the good ones can't come because they contain too much radiation by force now we have to become ecological because we are killing the planet, sign this,

The Biggest Secret on Earth - YouTube 15:32 2/2013 ... What was once called Fallen Angels / Demons are now called Aliens. Gen 6 Mixing with human women, creating hybrid humans. Last days, as in the days of Noah, it's the same thing going on now.

The Reason NASA Never Returned To The Moon (Full Documentary) Lasts 27:25. (4/7/2014) Homestead Survival (CTS) to see

Suppressed NASA photos of the Moon show similar structure as Peru .. Cover up or Hoax?

Geodesic Dome in Martian Crater? close up..