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    Indian Pictures: Hopi Indians: American Indian Pictures

    John B. (Mose) Hudson c. 1950

    CultureWatch Northwest: Ancient Images: Deschutes River Rock Art VideoThe view from this small Oregon rock shelter is gorgeous...coupled with its spiritual energy it must have inspired hundreds of generations of visitors as they sought its power. Located above the fast flowing Deschutes River (a tributary of the Columbia) in central Oregon, the shallow cave is filled with rock art, mostly red or white pictographs.

    indian rock art of the columbia plateau - Google Search

    CultureWatch Northwest: Rare Chinook House Stone Re-discovered!

    Chinook Tribe Houses | Chinook Indians celebrate their Winter Gathering



    Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Online

    Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Online

    Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Online

    external image chinook-map-lg.jpg

    Chudups John and others in a canoe on Lake Union, Seattle, ca. 1885

    Princess Angeline with painting of Snoqualmie Falls, Seattle, 1890

    Angeline, daughter of Chief Seattle, ca. 1893.

    Angeline, daughter of Chief Seattle, at home, Seattle, Washington, ca. 1890

    Duwamish house and canoe, Shilshole Bay, Seattle, Washington, ca.1898

    Suquamish/Duwamish woman known as Janey Davis, Old Man House, Port Madison Indian Reservation, Washington, July 4, 1904.

    Suquamish Girl

    Suquamish Woman

    "Indian Gamble Game [copyrighted] Stakes $3,500.00 Renton 1894” This 1894 S'Lahal tournament at Chief Moses' homestead in present-day Renton was so important to the Duwamish Tribe that they paid a professional photographer to record it. The grand prize was $3,500 in cash, a small fortune in those days. It is said that Dr. Jack of Cedar River and other Duwamish Healers contributed their efforts After 3 days of "Bone Game", the Duwamish Tribe and their Puyallup Tribe guests were tied. It was declared a "draw". Gifts were exchanged with great ceremony and all parted with their S'Lahal prestige intact. (Copyright Thomas R. Speer)

    (Duwamish?) Indian canoes, Seattle, c 1892

    Surrounded by a weathered picket fence, this is the grave of Mary Kitsap at St. Peter's Catholic cemetery in Suquamish, photographed in 1911

    Edward Curtis' "The Clam Digger" (pictured is Princess Angeline)

    Edward S. Curtis' "The Mussel Gatherer" (pictured is Princess Angeline)