Everything but New York.. I dream of Amsterdam

Scary accurate...

WAIT THERE ARE JUST GIRLY THING POSTS THAT ARE ACTUALLY RELATABLE AND NOT STUPID WHAAAAAAAAA i take back what i said (but the parodies are still funny sorry.....)

All true except I don't write fan fiction.. They scare me

I'm just a girl.

Most of these are true

Things to do!

Pretty accurate... Woah lol

"And That's Who I Am♥❤ So true

so true

things I like!

My friends think I day-dream way too much...but hey, like it says...My life is so much more interesting inside my head

Dating Bucket List: baking. Via a teenagers bucket list on Tumblr. #bake>>> now I really want cookie dough!!!

That's me. plain and simple

This is pretty much me.


So true!!!!

society's loss, too, that introverted types are often severely misunderstood. Introverted people are kind, thoughtful, nonjudgmental, creative, hard working, mind-our-own-business, sit-and-shut up-and-work types. We should not be punished because we don't chit chat and gossip and spread untrue, hurtful rumors, with phony Joker-smiles plastered on our faces.

I love those little girls of mine to death!