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Go directly to jail. << Damn Jail... drawn and quartered sounds more fitting. Filthy habit.

Bookfessions I buy bookmarks because creasing the corners of pages to maker where you left off should be a federal crime.

i never know which way to turn or which aisle i should turn down. i know there will be treasure and magic no matter which way i go.

it doesn't even have to be a giant bookstore.i feel like a five year old on Christmas morning in any bookstore!


Some of them, some of the old books, are like old friends. And there is nothing more comforting than an old friend.

Picked up a book

i had a lot of things i was going to do. Then i picked up a book. Story of my life.

That's so me! !!!!!

It is impossible to read all the books on my to-read shelf, but I keep adding books anyway. :) (Anyone who knows me knows this is totally true. Anytime I complain about not having enough room for my books, my fiance loves to tell me, "Well, read faster.

which maybe explains why I rush through the last few pages of a book -- sometimes to the point where I have to retrace those pages, once I 'recover' from the ending!

I love that sad-happy feeling I get when I finish a novel. (this is so true. there's always a bit of a mourning period, LOL)

only at the bookstore I end up spending too much money for books I don't need, lol. At least that's my only vice when it comes to spending unnecessarily :)

Bookfessions "I love going to a bookstore or library and just browsing. It's like my own personal therapy session.

19 Problems Only Book Nerds Understand

19 Problems Only Book Nerds Understand


If I had a dollar for every time I wished I was reading I could buy a heck of a lot of books. I would have millions if this was true

Five Women’s Health Books You Should Own

abibliophobia - The fear of running out of things to read. This has been my fear lately!

Book hoarding is not a lifestyle choice. I was born this way. And my daughter was born this way, too.

I love this! One of my other favorite quotes says "we must teach our children to dream with their eyes open" how appropriate.

I've never met anyone like this, but one person did once tell me they thought me writing was basically pointless. Wee lamb...they just don't get it. One does not simply not write...don't you know the stories won't shut up that easily?

Bookfession : My heart breaks when people tell me they hate reading.


*Can't wait to stop in at my favorite bookshop today for Holiday shopping:)! 'Hello,Hello Books' in Rockland,Maine