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FREEBIE - Owl Pairs Add to 11 - Children find pairs of numbers on the board that add to 11 - the one who find the last pair is the winner! A NO PREP math game - just print and play!

Number Sense FREEBIE!! Several versions included!! Directions: Using the number in the center (chosen by you or the student), the students write down 10 different ways to show that number (base 10 blocks, addition sentence, dots, tally marks, number words, multiplication, pictures, etc.)

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Rounding Dice Game

Rounding Dice Game - add a decimal after the first digit of the original number and round to nearest tenth, hundredth, and thousandth

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

Place Value Power: Posters and Center activities

These tiered activity sheets allow students ample practice with place value concepts. If laminated or put in a page protector, students can use th...

To 100 and Beyond!: Hundred Charts to 1000. Extend student understanding of numbers and the patterns in a hundreds chart all the way to 1,000! This set includes: - Eleven hundred charts showing numbers from 1-1000 - Eleven partially filled in hundred charts for numbers from 1-1000 -120 hundred chart puzzle cards with gridded sheet for recording word --Number cards from 1 to 1000 in both white and red to fit a standard sized hundred pocket chart. $

Try using a Number of the Day math routine to get your 2nd & 3rd graders excited about numbers. Here is a FREE activity worksheet to get you started.

Even & Odd --- ninja game / 100 sticky notes posted all around the room / students divided into 2 teams / timer set for ninjas to find their team's numbers. Then ss put numbers in order and make posters.