Learn about the first U.S. Presidential Inauguration this Presidents' Day.

Presidential Poster

If I were president....

Presidential Dogs and Presidents infographic

Presidents' Day - A fun filled activity book all about President's Day. #TpT #SocialStudies #education

Presidents Day

Presidents' Day infographic mapping the moves of US presidents, comparing famous presidential homes to the White House and more!

Presidents' day

Crafts for Presidents' Day

Lincoln and Washington bookmarks for Presidents' Day

free presidential paragraph sort for Presidents' Day

USA President's

Arthur Meets the President Activity Packet: This packet complements the children's book, Arthur Meets the President, by Marc Brown. Also includes President's Day Packet on the Presidential Seal, Contents include: * Comprehension Quiz over Arthur Meets the President * Vocabulary Sheet * Monuments Matching * Creative Writing Activity * Presidential Seal Reading Selection and Quiz * Presidential Seal Coloring Sheet * Great Seal of the United States Coloring Sheets * Presidential Seal Craft

How to Become President of the U.S.

Infographic | Presidents’ Day 2013: Which Presidents Are On U.S. Money?

Presidents tree map - free printable for Presidents' Day

president rap song

President’s Day Trivia: A few facts about Washington and Lincoln Infographic | The Momiverse | George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Presidents Day, Presidents'

"If I were President" free printable for Presidents' Day (go to http://growingkinders.blogspot.com/2011/02/presidents-day.html so you don't have to scroll through the blog archive)

History Mystery (1-3)