Learn about the first U.S. Presidential Inauguration this Presidents' Day.

Presidential Poster

Presidents' Day - A fun filled activity book all about President's Day. #TpT #SocialStudies #education

Several President's Day activities - George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

free American Symbols printable

Lincoln and Washington bookmarks for Presidents' Day

President's Day

Presidents' Day infographic mapping the moves of US presidents, comparing famous presidential homes to the White House and more!

My Book About Abraham Lincoln (2-4)

Election Day activities

free presidential paragraph sort for Presidents' Day

My Book About George Washington (2-4)

Abraham Lincoln craft for President's Day!

Free! Fun Presidents Day Booklet!

Free Presidents' Day Printables-Love this abc order one

How to Become President of the U.S.

Landforms Flip Book w/ Definitions

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presidents day

what respect looks like and sounds like