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  • Laura Schair Photographer

    garry winogrand, john kennedy live and on television

  • Jeff Miller

    Garry Winogrand, 'JFK at the Democratic National Convention, Los Angeles' 1960

  • Mindi Johnson

    Garry Winogrand took this iconic photograph of John F. Kennedy during his acceptance speech at the 1960 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. Until recently, it was the only Winogrand photograph from the convention that had previously been published. The New York Times brings us a selection of newly-released photos by Winogrand from that historic event and is asking its readers to help identify the people in them.

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This is the kind of car my parents had when I was born!...think in black??

Love his work, he captures the surreal in everyday life. (Garry Winogrand)

When street photographer Garry Winogrand passed away unexpectedly at 56 years old, he left behind approximately 250,000 images he'd never even seen. Because the extremely prolific photographer delayed editing his images, his oeuvre remained largely unexamined for years

Garry Winogrand. I take Garry to also be a comical photographer to an extant. This photo shows the walrus starring at the camera while all the audience is looking at the walrus. Like a triangle of eyes.

Garry Winogrand Unexpected shot; the boy on the left show rage, and yet the boy on the right is not phased by the slightest. Garry Winogrand reveals everyday people in such a glamorous way yet in this photo the older boy (left) either shows anger and animosity or he may just be fooling around. I think that is why i like this photo, I am strained, I am not sure of this photo.

secretcinema1: Opening Night, Metropolitan Opera: Men in Top Hats, 1955, Garry Winogrand

JFK; will always consider him the best president in my lifetime. I love a quote he made when he first heard Martin Luther King, Jr., speaking on TV, and said, "he is a very good speaker." You think? JFK was light years above his time