Instead of having to carry around your attendance sheet to recess or fire drills, etc. stick the kids names on the back of your teacher name tag. From:

Class roster by period on a lanyard; easy attendance in case of emergencies.

Teachers - Now you will know if it's your pencil! Decorative duct tape wrapped pencils.

No More Name Tags on Desks. Stays on until you decide to remove it. This is awesome!

Controlled dice - no more flying around the room. What a great idea!

No Homework Binder, great idea for accountability

While students are working problems, walk around the room with a handful of green pens. When someone finishes the problems correctly, they get a green star and a green pen. Now they are qualified to coach and star papers for other students, and so on, until everyone is done.

This is a great way to greet the students on the first day. The teacher gives each student a Meet the Teacher page and a goodie bag. There is also a student info sheet on each desk. This could be a great first assignment for students to begin working on as soon as they enter the room. 2366

For my teacher friends: Date Stapler: For the student who claims they turned it in on time. Oh my word this is awesome!

Teacher's Prayer | Holly Monroe Calligraphy – Holly Monroe and Clifford Mansley : Heirloom Artists

Love this idea!

These are awesome!! 15 Tips for Lining Up Your Class

Data folders= Great for IEP and IAT planning and recording sheet

Students don't ask me for pencils anymore. No one leaves the room until all pencils are back on the board. (Photo only, but would be easy to make!)

Cookie sheet tracking system for students who leave the room.

FUN Hallway Behavior Management Idea. Before you leave the classroom pick a chip with a students name but don't tell who it is. They are the mystery walker and you are watching that student the entire time. If they do a good job in the hall, they get a ticket or prize.

FABULOUS site for making class books....I swear I make them almost once a week and they are my students' favorite picks from the classroom library!!!

Class stationary! Give each kid a post-it to draw their portrait and then make copies.

Classroom Supply Labels for Primary Teachers with Picture

Hello english teacher. Your getting this when I graduate

Who is my teacher? put this in the classroom cute