"I wish you " by Felicia Simion, via 500px.

Self-portrait through window, 1956 - Rondal Partridge


Lack Of Color.



Biei ,Hokkaido,Japan. - Shadows

through the window. beautiful.

What if you were alone at night and looked up and saw this in your window? Stanislaw IgnacyWitkiewicz, (1885-1939) - 1910 Self Portrait

A cityscape from a window #cityscape #window #fly

Sue and Maria

LOVE this entire series. The window framing is gorgeous.

Nikita Olegovich, Paris, rain, B. This photo reminds me that there are problems everywhere, and that I should be grateful for what I have.


window. light I need some new ideas, because all of my work is starting to look the same.

Little birdy told me...

by Ilina Vicktoria [NOTE: This female child is a blonde. You are seeing the degree of contrast in skin coloring and hair. Blondes have the lowest contrasts, while brunettes have the highest. This is much more visible in black/white photos.]

Interesting idea, that we think all books involving a host of black people must be about race. True, and I'd never realized it. ("Hustle" by Jericho Brown ... or was his birth name Nelson Demery?)