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      Daily dose of love quotes here

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      Sometimes in life, you really can lose it. Everything seems downhill or even going down the river without a paddle. Peopl don't really take the time to notice that you really need help. Not as you need to go to the physc ward but you need some tenderness and love and encouragement. If you see someone that may needs a hand, reach out and help. You never know it could always be you..

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    True Story.

    I love you more than I've ever loved anything -a Scorpio, probably ;)

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    I say this to you all the time! #Lesbian #Love

    True quote.

    true words


    Daily dose of love quotes here

    I sat, rocking back and forth, head in my hands, the heat of my tears stinging my face. All I feel is numbness, a hole in my heart where there is nothing. Sometimes I can't even breath. I begin to forget who I am. It's been so long and instead of strengthening my self I've fallen to pieces. Broken hearts are the worst type of pain. And as tears stream down my face I do realize something. Even though I know I'm not good enough, I thought that even for a second that I was worth something to him. But I was foolish. And wrong. He doesn't care. I was nothing but a way to pass time. So deep in the woods I lean back against a tree my wall broken, my arms bloodied, my face soaked, and I can't help but think, is this really happening. It seems like a bad dream. A total nightmare. Yet with every scratch and pinch I'm reminded that it's real. And that it's life. I'm a shell of a demigod, one that doesn't deserve to even be given the chance to become a hero. One that like all the Demeter kids before me, has broken. But for them they ended it on their terms. They left everyone and everything behind. And I find myself weak. I can't even do that. I've never felt so tongue tied, just by staring into someone's eyes. Yet now I am. I'm forced to live out my days pretending everything is fine. Standing up shakily I walk down the winded forest path blood staining the green grass. Pain floods through me as I'm sent tumbling down. The last thing I see is a long stick, embellded in my left side, the empact driving it in further. Then blackness and pain, as blood spills.




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    Looking for Alaska

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    Damn puzzle pieces