Great for Beginning of Year.

Are you looking for a way to help children and social responsibility skills in the classroom? This informative post outlines how-to run effective classroom meetings today! It includes details about the schedule, social emotional topics, lessons and activities, books, and a FREE planner to get you set!

15 Books That Teach Social-Emotional Skills

15 Books That Teach Social-Emotional Skills

15 Books That Teach Social-Emotional Skills

Taking turns? Talking too much? Empathy? Compassion? Consideration? She's got it all covered in this great collection of books for teaching social skills.

15 Books That Teach Social-Emotional Skills

A big collection of stories online and songs that deal with social skills. Bookmark this page - it's a treasure! Whimsy Workshop Teaching

A Bucket Filling Classroom by Crafting Connections! If you didn't start out your year (all grade levels) discussing Bucket Filling, go back... it's not too late! For great anchor chart activity to go with the book: Have You Filled a Bucket Today? Teach your students compassion and empathy. Read more at:

Lacey Walker, Nonstop Talker -- A book about the importance of listening. A definite read during the first week of school :)

What Bugs you/ What do I do that might bug others? "Friendship Bugs" Lesson plan with story and activity

Early Childhood Scribbles: Social Skills - Being a Friend

Summaries of some great back to school books that help you build your class community!

Good book for teaching about rules & thoughtless behavior. @Britney Chickenpow Chickenpow Chickenpow Nicole @Ashlee Outsen Outsen Outsen Wright

List of Children's Books that Focus on Empathy and Acceptance. Great list from Homegrown Friends!

Social skills book list.

The Way I Act book for teaching social skills. Behavior management and manners.

Tantrums - Have you heard "You Get What You Get and You Don't Throw a Fit!" This great little saying has been turned into a helpful book that can help kids cope and move on from whatever small issue they think is an injustice. In life we are not always going to get our way and get what we want - let's remind kids to be happy and grateful for what they do get - not what they don't get.

Brilliant Beginnings Preschool: Dinosaurs. Great correlation with the beginning of the year social skills curriculum.

Social Skills books for kids! You can NEVER have too many books : )

"Diagram of a Listener" -Focus on social & behavioral approaches. -Provides a visual diagram identifying the parts of the body that make for a "good listener." *A print out is provided that allows kids to match the written listening skills with the parts of the body used to show a good listener (cut & paste method).