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BrainPOP Jr. | Rights and Responsibilities | Lesson Ideas

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Goal Setting and Responsibility: A 4- Part Lesson

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Rights and Responsibilities Lesson Plans and Lesson Ideas | BrainPOP Educators

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

Rights and Responsibilities Social Studies Unit

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Communities Unit 3Rd Grade

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Responsibility Lesson Plan | Lesson Planet

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Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

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Unit 6

All of his books are excellent for counseling lessons, and the kids LOVE them :)

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The Crafty Counselor-Responsibility lesson ideas (in one of the blogs the idea of outlining a body and write in it children's responsibilities)

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Teacher Trapfrom Teacher Trap

The 4 Questions You Should Ask During EVERY Social Studies Lesson

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4 Questions

Teaching Social Studies Middle School

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Great questions to use during every Social Studies lesson!

Sarah Titusfrom Sarah Titus

15 Top Articles on How to Get Your Kids to Respect You

Virtue Of Respect

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A Free, short lesson plan to help teach children respect.

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These Social Studies units on American History are so easy to use! They are filled with informational text, activities, crafts, reading comprehension skills, writing, projects, study guides, tests, and more!! NO PREP- No need for text book and tons of creative lessons and ideas! Sold as a Mega Bundle or individually.

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Off the Wall Westward Expansion Lesson - Guest blog post by Joan Claspill on Corkboard Connections - Students roam through an "Art Gallery" of pictures related to the lesson, taking notes and recording inferences. Great way to integrate social studies and literacy!

Time Travelers

American Revolutionary War

Homeschool Teacher

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History Teacher

Teaching History

This website was made by a homeschool teacher and contains over 25 lesson plans for teaching the revolutionary war to 4th or 5th grade. There are lessons that incorporate math, writing, and science into the historical content. This site is very useful because it has all the lessons and things like maps and timelines already available for a teacher to use.

Making Seed

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Use this with a citizenship unit or social studies lesson!

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Teaching Maps First Grade

SOCIAL STUDIES: Me On The Map... another way of doing this cute activity!

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This Writing to Inform (All About Books) is a unit of study written by Trina Dralus is complete with activities for each phase of writing. There are activities and think sheets for the prewriting/launch phase. The drafting phase contains lesson plans and ideas for lessons as well as a complete template for the All About Book. There are also option pages. Revision/Editing self/partner checklists are available, a rubric for assessment, and publishing ideas are also part of this package…

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

Voting Activity for Election Day Lesson using story Duck for President

Election Day Lessons

Voting Activities For Kindergarten

2Nd Grade Government Activities

Election Day Kindergarten

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Ready to use! Duck for President voting activity for election day. Includes link to an online video of the book Duck for President with activity printables and detailed lesson plan . $