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Portrait of a Lady, possibly the Poet Maddalena Salvetti (1557-1610), in a Green Dress and Pearls, Standing at a Draped Table, with a Pet Squirrel

Head band of gold and pearls, with pendant and drop pearl at center part. Pretty bows around the braid. Black and gold necklace, small beads. Large gold chain and 'tube' bead necklace. 1550s Moroni Portrait of Isotta-Brembatti Grumelli

Or I can always make you a 1560s Venetian... We could be very well dressed for the Venetian revel! And it won't be difficult to fit, because it laces open.

"Portrait of Anne Wortley, later Lady Morton", c. 1620, by an unknown British artist. The portrait may have been produced by painters collaborating in a workshop, rather than by a single artist.

Portrait of a Young Woman (detail) ~ artist Giovanni Battista Moroni (1560 - 1578); oil on canvas, 28.9 × 25.6 in. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands. The detail of this is so striking. #art #painting

A painting of Joanna of Castile, from the Last Judgement Triptych of Zierikzee, by the Master of Affligem, painted in 1500. I particularly like the cut of the dress along her chest and hips - it mimics the lines of a cotehardie. The detail on her necklace, of a red stone, or piece of coral, in an intricate setting, and hung on a fine chain or cord, is also useful.

I have always loved this gown...Alessandro Allori Isabella di Cosimo Medici c. 1555-1558 Kunshistorisches Museum, Vienna

Detail of a Portrait of Maria de' Medici (1540-1557) or Eleonora di Garzia di Toledo (1553–1576), by Alessandro Allori.