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it would've been cool to know marilyn monroe, but i think talking to norma jean would've been more interesting.

Marilyn Monroe by Ed Feingersh | uptown local | subway train | grand central | warm and cozy | winter coat | black & white photography | icon | timeless beauty

[ marilyn monroe at home in hollywood : color portraits 1953 ] alfred eisenstaedt ; time & life pictures / getty images marilyn monroe gazes into alfred eisenstaedt's camera , 1953 #timelifepictures #gettyimages #alfredeisenstaedt #marilynmonroe

Marylin Monroe so pretty without all the makeup and tight clothes..............

Marilyn Monroe. I love how she's not super smiley. We forget that she struggled a lot with depression, and here we see a bit of the real Monroe.

You make me SMILE! ... All animals love Marilyn just as she loved them. And so shld we! (Love/respect animals)

We Had Faces Thenfrom We Had Faces Then

Marilyn. NYC. 1956

Marilyn Monroe NYC. Manhattan June 12, 1957 Photo: by Sam Shaw -

The Berryfrom The Berry

The young and beautiful Marilyn Monroe (46 photos)