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Science Fiction Genre TicTacToe Extension Activities

Great for the reading center- The only thing I don't like is that it's an image, not a link to how they came up with it or how to get a copy of our own.

Wonderful-Vintage-School-Library-Posters, library nonfiction

It would be very helpful for students if posters like these were posted either on the walls by the classroom library, or used in the library at each genre. Students would subtly learn what each genre consists of if they see these images everyday, and could eventually figure out what genre they enjoy reading most.

"You're talking to a man who used to fly for Emperor Palpatine. Palpatine, whose subordinates never talked about him."

Genre Posters ~ Historical Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Traditional Literature, Informational, Autobiography, Poetry

We've created some simple genre posters to display in your classroom. Each one has the definition of the genre and some examples. This is a good visual way to remind your students to vary their reading during workshop. You can refer to them in conferences and even have your students sort their books according to them!