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Unveiled Wife
Unveiled Wife • 1 year ago

Why I Think Phil Robertson Got What He Asked For --- Let me start by saying I love Duck Dynasty and the Robertson clan. My wife and I have enjoyed their show since it originally aired and I can neither confirm nor deny if my beard is a direct result of their amazing facial example. My wife even sent a … Read More Here husbandrevolution... #marriage #love

  • Rich Taylor
    Rich Taylor • 1 year ago

    John sees the words, can repeat them, but just can't understand them. He reads it as just a book thought up by man. But they are books written by men by the power of God through the Holy Spirit. Any unbeliever can look at it at face value and see how wild these books seem. Note, I do say books because they are books ( Bible being Koine Greek, meaning Biblical, " The Books") put together by holy men. There's no arguing with people like this, for only God can convince him. We can only pray for John Liam.

  • Rich Taylor
    Rich Taylor • 1 year ago

    Bible being Koine Greek, meaning (correction) Biblia, "Books ".

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Phil Robertson - Duck Dynasty

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Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty baptizes a man who drove 800 miles to hear about the Jesus that he heard about watching the show on cable TV. God bless you Phil Robertson.....Amen This... This is why I love this show. Not just for the humor and hunting, but because these men are truly God fearing Christians! We need more shows about people like the Robertsons!!

Go Phil! People are complaining about how A's show Duck Dynasty shows Praying and Using the phrase, "In Jesus Name" all the time and asked them to remove the show from TV. HaHa Phil said, "If We Cant Pray to God on the show, we will not do the show. God is a part of our everyday lives to remove him from the show is unacceptable. Well A signed on to another season with Duck Dynasty UNDER PHIL ROBERTSON'S TERMS. GO PHIL!!!

Phil Robertson has it right! No Jesus, no peace. KNOW Jesus, KNOW peace.

Duck Dynasty Miss Kay Phil Robertson

Three men of the "Duck Dynasty" empire — Phil Robertson, Jep Robertson, and Reed Robertson — opened up about their paths to Jesus for a 30-minute documentary on