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rainbow coil pot kids project www.laurendenney.com

I would drink Tea more often if having this crazy cool tea pot and set

Ron Hitchens; Terracotta Tile Wall Sculpture, 1960s.


Love the colors i was just waiting for the perfect inspiration for my paper mache bowls :D

head pots?

mixed construction: slab and coil pots ~Smith Middle School, Miss Murphy

Clay flower Coil Pot

ceramist, Pamela Sunday. Her ceramics are inspired by the microscopic shapes found in nature.

Nature inspired ceramic pots.

slab pots with texture

Coil embellishment that has been flattened.

Pottery constructed using the coil method

Build it yourself Raku firebrick kiln

Making Clay Starfish and Sea Creatures Box | Hand Building Art Project Lesson


handbuilding with tar paper

ceramic giraffe

Coiled clay bowl