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How Does Your Garden Grow ~ Music Note Collage for 2nd Grade ~ Have your 2nd graders make connections between music, art, science, math, and drawing by creating a garden of music notes! Follow your project by a conversation on growing a garden and see how many ideas will bloom! This project can accompany any song about gardening (such as Music K8's "How Does Your Garden Grow") and can make perfect decorations for your upcoming spring concert or bulletin board!

Music is Everything! - Bulletin Board idea. Acrostic... ( Have kids make these with the word S T Y L E... and then when they intersect the original letter with specific GENRES... have them try to create a font that suits that particular style of music. ) Ex. COUNTRY.... those letters would be done in a rope like font or made to look like hay and coloured//shaded in the appropriate colour.

10 Excellent Ways to use an Interactive Whiteboard in the Music Classroom Interactive Whiteboard online course for music teachers:


Anatomy of a Classroom Poster

Music is a Language the whole world speaks

from Make Moments Matter

Learning Objectives Posted by Quarter

A quick and easy way to post objectives for all the classes/grades you teach. Great for music, art, P.E., library, etc. Color coded and simple to change when one instruction window ends and another begins.