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    Lifeisnowhere: What did you read?

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    • Annika Powell

      Life is all about perspective and how you are willing to see things. We as a society categorize people as pessimists or optimists, but in the end does it really matter what someone says you are? We, as individuals have to break away from the confines of the world and decide what kind of person we are for ourselves.

    • Gwendolyn Jones

      Read this slowly: "LIFEISNOWHERE' What did you read? "life is no where" Or "life is now here" My friends, life is all about how we look at it , By Tineke from Netherlands

    • Annie Yoon

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    • Olivia Collene

      I read "life I snow here" so what does that say about me? I'm neither a pessimist or optimist; I'm just confused lol

    • Amber Leigh

      i read life is no where...i think that just means its time for me to open my eyes and look a little better at things; esp the small things...

    • Diane Monson-Mingace

      I clearly read No Where, now I see I must change the way I look at things. I love this. Life is Now Here.

    • Bernie Murphy

      **THE WISDOM OF YOUTH** I overheard a short conversation yesterday and absolutely loved what was said... Mr A: Jesus, it's some miserable day today!!!! Mr B: The weather might be miserable but the day isn't!!! It's all about your perspective and how you see the world. The wisdom of the second person was even more impressive as he was just 17 years old and I think he has a brilliant way of looking at life, don't you? What did you read in this picture???

    • SLLH

      #LIfe is nowhere #inspiring #quotes

    • Shelby Haver

      live life now. | thoughts & quotes.

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