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    so true. #outrun2012

    Couldn't be more true. The runner's high that you get once you commit to a sport that requires nothing but a pair of shoes is euphoric. It can be done anytime, anywhere and can give an individual the physical, mental and emotional toughness they need to get over mountains in life.


    Truer words...

    Running. Running. Running.

    reasons to be fit

    that's why I run

    Running feels so natural.. I feel so lucky I found what my body loves to do and it's free!!

    Just learning this

    Reasons to be Fit

    To set goals that are out of your reach only to find out that you can exceed them. This is just another reason crossfit is so amazing!


    Yep! Only those who love to run can understand

    I do this every time. Of course, it's not always true, but it makes me feel better!

    Reasons to be Fit

    Reasons to be fit

    So true.

    Reasons to be fit

    Take each workout one day at a time.

    I can figure out all of my life's issues while running. #reasonstobefit