So creative and lovely! karen margolis | 8 layers of maps + watercolor

Ball Point Pen art - Il Lee

The Map To My Heart DIY art project. Can't wait to make!

Moorish pattern - geometry progression

Michelle Mckinney

Lyndie Dourthe. Textile mushroom terrariums ?

Phillips head screws. I'm a big fan of making art with unusual materials. #inspiration #phillipsheadscrewart #screwart


Hidden inside a red card hides a beautiful paper rose bouquet. Watch the paper art pop up from this lovely card.

shadow art en we kunnenn zo fonteyne the kitchen schrijven .

there are 9 basic principles that underlie japanese art they are called aesthetics, or concepts that answer the question: what is art? the 9 aesthetics are: wabi-sabi (imperfect), miyabi (elegance, ) shibui (subtle,) Iki (originality), jo-ha-kyu (slow, accelerate, end), yugen (mysterious), geido (discipline and ethics,) enso (the void), kawaii (cute.) pinned from Leslie Miller/Ruby Serben.

Peacock Art / PRINT / Turquoise and blue

Original abstract art paintings by Osnat Tzadok

Ideas to jump start motivation.. 30 day art challenge

Waves made with maps

amazing book sculpture

paper art

Surprise someone with this unique paper art pop up Birthday card. Say Happy Birthday with a pop! #Balloons

Tezuka Fumie | Spring Lights (春の光), 2012

Ridiculous paper art, say whaaat?