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    I can't stop laughing!!!!!

    no hoes allowed. Who do you think of. Sure does know how to use garden tools. Lipstick on a pig.


    laughed way too hard because it's true

    Love is spending the rest of your life with someone you want to kill & not doing it because you'd miss them.



    This totally cracks up!

    The moment you wake up and realize your muffin top, is now a Pound Cake.

    OMG to funny! To the woman with six screaming kids in Walmart, if you are wondering how those condoms got in your cart... you're welcome. :). Just because T. thought it was funny.

    I cant stop laughing!!!

    Before we commit

    Parenting win

    I don't hate anyone, but this is funny!

    oh so true!


    Sweetie I'm not laughing at your bad luck, I'm merely cheering on Karma for doing such a great job of biting you in the ass....that's totally different...

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