Have I pinned it? I say this to myself all the time.


Pinterest humor...

I think I did.... I think I did... I know I did! I know I did. Pinned it again.

What if feels like after #Pinterest. #WebHumor #RocketPost

This is SO true now. :(

Repin if you know what this is!

Just a few more minutes

message for my loving husband :)



Every time


Teenager Posts. Lol! Thats so me! Can everyone who repins this follow me please? Thnx. :-)

So true! I feel like this like everyday at school! There's always just that ONE teacher that just HAS to urk my nerves!!

facebook then pinterest

So true!!!

I just had this very thought a minute ago and I PINNED it, I agree you might never find it again, trust me, this has happened to me, drives me nuts.

So true comment if u did it

It bugs me when other people repin and have obviously not changed the comments. I know you don't have a son named Gerald, so why would your son Gerald love this? Or why is this 'the best thing you've ever made!!!' when you tag onto the end "I can't wait to try making this."

haha, so true.