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Love is...cartoons were sweet.

Love is cartoons in the daily newspaper! I collected them into a scrapbook.

Agnes Repplier | HOME SWEET WORLD Quote on travel, hopeful symptoms with photo of Lake Powell AZ UT

"The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life" Agnes Repplier.

If not now then when

if not now, then when? I remind myself of this all the time. If I'm not going to commit to doing right now, then WHEN is the time to start? if I'm not going to be responsible now, then WHEN? so good to remember!

Haha!  When I read this, I had to stop and convince myself it was right.

When I read this, I had to stop and convince myself it was right.

With true love, the butterflies never go away #Creativity #Love #Marriage

Its absolutely true. Tough times hit any marriage. ANY MARRIAGE, yet, when its your true love, the one whom your soul loves and craves, the one that completes you. the butterflies keep fluttering.

Sea Monkeys-They looked nothing like the pictures! Rip Off!

I remember begging for the money to buy these things from a mail order ad in the back of a comic book, and I got them! They never hatched. I read later "sea monkeys" were actually brine shrimp!

sign of the times

I still don't understand why the length of a guys hair was such a big deal. Hairstyles and lengths, for men and women, have continually changed over the centuries.