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Grand Duke Mikhail Aleksandrovich and Countess Natalia Brassova. He had been exiled out of Russia for his marriage to the twice divorced Natalia. He pleaded to his brother the Tsar to let him return to Russia and help fight during WWI. The Tsar granted him permission and Mikhail and his wife and son returned. During the revolution Mikhail was arrested and held captive, eventually executed in a field. Natalia and her daughter from a previous marriage and their son fled Russia.

Mikhail Alexandrovich Romanov. Youngest brother of Tsar Nicholas and his wife Natasha. Mikhail was banned from the family for many years for marrying a commoner. Eventually he was reunited with his family and allowed to return to Russia. Unfortunately, when the revolution came, he was captured and murdered with several other family members.

from Le Chaim (on the right)

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18 Righteous Holocaust Rescuers | Le Chaim (on the right)



This is exactly what I want for my office/art room. Preferably right of my section of the garage with my paint booth.