Freeze whipped cream on a cookie sheet, use cookie cutter to cut out hearts and serve with hot cocoa.... christmas time must!

Christmas Wreath Berry Pavlova, full recipe! Spectacular presentation. Strawberries, raspberries, cherries and pomegranate seeds.

Frozen Whipped Cream Hearts for hot chocolate

Make brownies, cut out with heart cookie cutter. Take remnant pieces and roll in to bite size morsels and toss in cocoa or powdered sugar. Now you have cute brownies and brownie truffles! I don't have to feel guilty about wasting the leftovers or eating them

Marshmallow Latte is the signature drink at FabCafe in Shibuya, Japan via Not just an ordinary cafe, FabCafe provides a space where people can enjoy making things in an exciting environment furnished with a variety of digital fabrication tools, including a laser cutter! #FabCafe #Marshmallow_Latte #gizmodo_jp

Did you know you could freeze cool whip then use cookie cutters to make fun shapes?!!!

hot chocolate

Single Serving of Angel Food Cake -they show you how to mix a whopping 3 ingredients for your own mix (vs. a ton you can't pronounce on the box)

"I baked a strawberry cake, crumble it, mix in frosting, add mini choc. chips, roll into balls and dip first in white candy melts and then green."

Another cute Valentine's Day idea: Use a cookie cutter to make these Mini Grilled- Cheese Hearts.

How To Make Veggie Flowers- Easter....

Snowman Ice Cream Man: Rolled in Coconut. Recipe from Martha Stewart! Perfect for winter, Christmas, and holiday parties. brrr.

Fun craft would be cute on cupcakes. I should do this with some of the little girls I might babysit

Fill an ice tray with melted chocolate and put strawberries in them and the freeze them

Use favorite sugar cookie recipe. Cut circles, bake according to recipe directions and decorate as shown. Too cute!

cut up fresh fruit and put in a Popsicle tray pour in some juice and pop em in the freezer. yummy!

Ideas for Christmas Parties

Instructions for chocolate-dipped spoons. Stir into hot cocoa or coffee. @Ashlea Holt

Christmas Tree Waffles