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MSNBC's Touré: Romney Engaged in 'Niggerization' of Obama (Scum Bag!!!!)


Obama on Pelosi

Obama salutes America...

Impeach Obama!!

The Words Banned By Obama

Obama 2012

In an MSNBC poll, 78% of respondents approved of executing Americans without trial. This is an accurate portrait of the kind of people that watch msnbc. Complete morons. Communist!

Michelle Obama

This is the company Obama keeps.

Claims to oppose Obama Administration. Repeatedly kisses Obama's ass.

No Wonder Obama Is Gay

Obama and Oprah

Obama State Run Media

Politifact: Obama Presided Over Slowest Federal Spending Growth of Any Recent President

...with a plethora of lies. Obama and the Democrats new mantra!

Can you believe this new action?. 6-4-2014.... Obama says he is sorry to Congress. Obama needs to go....And who is watching this guy and his father? He is just as bad as his son. Both of them should be locked up with the key thrown away.

OBAMA GREEN COMPANY DARLING AND RECIPIENT OF OUR TAX DOLLARS SPENT $660,000 TO BUILD EACH CAR...and is now going bankrupt. No surprise. CBS reports 4 sentences on matter, all other outlets ignore it. What if this had been Bush and Halliburton? (media bias, obama, democrats, grants, waste) http://newsbusters.org/blogs/geoffrey-dickens/2013/04/25/fisker-fail-another-obama-green-jobs-company-tanks-abc-nbc-ignore#ixzz2RbPZjILC

Conservatives Against Obama's Liberal Agenda's Photo:

Too busy trying to get a picture of Obama and Tiger Woods to notice 4 Americans Dead in Benghazi due to the actions of those sitting in the White House @cbs @nbc @ abc @cnn @msnbc

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