seriously can anyone sport a stash like this guy ?  LOL

Tom Selleck in---Blue Bloods---The Reagan Family is a third generation of cops, with Frank Reagan as the current police commissioner with two sons as cops and the daughter works for the D.

Oh you know he had to be in this board!Tom Selleck

Movember - Men with moustaches

Tom Selleck: Magnum, P.Quigley Down Under (Matthew Quigley).Three Men and a Baby & Three Men and a Little Lady (Peter Mitchell).The Rockford Files (Lance White).

Tom Selleck -smb: don't know why he insists on dying his hair jet black. It makes him look like snydly whiplash

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck - absolutely adorable as a young man and totally handsome as an older man. And now we've got all the Magnum, PI dvd's.

Tom Selleck without his trademark mustache on "Young and the Restless" (1974-75)

Before they were stars ... they were soap opera stars

Tom Selleck without his trademark mustache on the daytime TV soap opera "Young and the Restless".

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Tom Selleck and the Art of Staying Stylish in Your 60s

Tom Selleck blue shirt suits you hun!

One of the kindest people I've met. I can share a couple of stories to back up my opinion.