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  • Maricela Zavala

    funny big bang theory gifs | tv show funny gifs big bang theory gif i need help Addicted omgtooreal ...

  • Francie Knackendoffel

    Greyโ€™s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Teen Wolf, Friends, 90210, Gossip Girl. I have no life.

  • Valerie Stidham

    Doctor who downton abbey falling skies the list goes on and on..

  • Tori Goldie

    Getting hooked on a TV showโ€ฆ The funny thing is, I did this with the first 5 seasons of greys anatomy on Netflix

  • Sarah Woodruff

    True Blood, Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, etc...

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this is me almost every night. LOL

Yep- when my husband isn't at home, that's so me!

Why don't we just go on Pinterest? *two hours later* "RIGHT! I'm going to work now!" brain: But how about INSTAGRAM *half an hour later* "OKAY. NO PROCRASTINATING!" brain: BUT HOW ABOUT THAT MANGA YOU'RE READING? OR THOSE FANFICTIONS YOU'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF?! *7 PM at night* GOSHDAMNIT WHY CAN'T I JUST FUCKING WORK?!

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Productive day? Almost everyday...haha..

HAHA it looks like something I would do!---OMG I cannot stop laughing!

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