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These gentle skin care tools have been infused with binchotan, a natural oak charcoal that has extremely fine pores to absorb impurities from your skin.

Shop Prepara Mini Herb Savors Set of 3 at CHEFS.

Chikuno Cube is made from activated bamboo charcoal powder and clay minerals - highly absorbent of air particles that cause odor.

Leave your skin feeling radiant with the Binchotan Charcoal Facial Soap

No need to hide your dirty laundry with this beautifully hand-woven hyacinth hamper!

The Looftlighter, invented by Richard Looft from Sweden, is a new eco-friendly way of lighting anything from charcoal to wood. Instead of using lighter liquid (which is a toxic chemical – not ideal for cooking or indoor use), the Looftlighter produces a hot air stream @ more than 1,256 degrees Fahrenheit. With that amount of energy, it only takes 60 seconds to light coal or wood.

This toothbrush holder made from hinoki Japanese cypress wood is naturally antibacterial, resistant to mold, and quick drying.

These scissors are ergonomically shaped like a pen for safe and compact portability.

Strain and serve soup at the same time with this strainer ladle!

This Wine Saving Carafe preserves your wine with its original flavor for up to 7 days.

Luxurious organic towels that are as soft and silky as cashmere yet durable enough for everyday use.

A handy spout that easily clips onto bowls, pots, pans, etc. for mess-free precise pouring and straining.