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The Dangers of Colloidal Silver are many. Don't take it for granted that this supposed 'cure all' is good for you. Read more...

Infographic: Nature’s 11 Most Powerful Antibiotics

It's true that most people today wish to lose some weight, as the majority of our population is overweight, if not obese. It is natural to want to look better and to improve your life. It's not an out-of-reach goal. Use the tips listed below to achieve...

How I Cured a Painful Hemorrhoid With 2 Natural Remedies

one pinner informative.."No one really wants to talk about it, but after my previous experience with healing a painful hemorrhoid with two natural remedies, I felt it was my duty to share."

Specific herbs for specific parts of your body (Polly's Path to Health & Happiness)

Natural antibiotics can be very effective and provide the same benefits of many synthetic drugs but without the side effects. Find out more

"Boost Your Child's Body With This Adaptogenic Herb Blend | - help your child deal with sickness and stress with this DIY adaptogenic herb blend. It tastes great!" *for moi...♡