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Love this quote!

Hobbit feet tutorial

Taken on the night of the Rotterdam Hobbit Dinner, shows Tolkien in his fancy waistcoat (or weskit as they would have called it in the Shire).

Saruman the White ( the highly awesome Christopher Lee) from Lord of the Rings.


The relations between the different groups of elves. This should make the Silmarillion a bit easier to understand.

A Hobbit garden - New Zealand (the movies were shot here)

Have I mentioned how awesome Colbert is?

I'm crying. This.


You can go home now, LOTR has won the internet.

Bilbo's Last Song - Tolkien - Images - Drawing - Learn English By Yourself

Peter Jackson, Cate Blanchet & Sir Ian McKellen

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH But i also love that Peter Jackson took the time to create such a wonderful character and storyline in Tauriel. He really did a big thing for women who are fans of the Hobbit book and movies.

I laughed too hard at this. Middle Earth dieting plan!

Tom Bombadil - Lord of the Rings via Tumblr

Lord Of The Rings


Love love love

That moment when you realize that Christopher Lee has most likely killed a man...

On writing The Lord of the Rings

There and back again. A hobbits tale by bilbo baggins