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Turtle Bark: chocolate, caramel and pecans.... what could be better?

Caramels were the first product offered by Brach's when the company opened in 1904 and cost a whopping $.20 per pound which, at the time, made them one of the most expensive and extravagant candies available.

Brach's Candy - Brach's Milk Maid Caramels. Haven't had theses in YEARS; how I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED them. I want some right now lol?!

Famous sweets made in Massachusetts Squirrel Nut Zippers These vanilla, caramel, and nut taffy candies are named after an illegal drink during Prohibition. A ’90s retro swing band named themselves after the candy and handed it out during performances. In 2004, Necco picked up the license to manufacture Squirrel candy brands and brought the production back to Massachusetts after it moved to Texas.

I'll have to remember this. It looks good. -Starbucks Snickers Frap!!! On the hidden menu...If your local starbucks doesnt know how to make it, Ask for: Java Chip Frappuccino with two pumps of toffee nut and a caramel chocolate drizzle on top! Sounds delicious!!

Peter Paul - Mounds 1 5/8 oz candy bar wrapper - 1970's, For when you don't "feel like a nut", is the Mounds bar.

Gumdrop Fudge recipe- soft vanilla fudge filled with colorful chewy, fruity Gumdrops

It's hilarious to me that the rare occasion when I was allowed to eat a T.V. dinner was so exciting to me. This one was my favorite flavor! Swanson - Meat Loaf with tomato sauce, potato nuggets, green beans, chocolate nut brownie - TV Dinner box - 1971 by JasonLiebig, via Flickr