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Sugar Cube Polio Vaccination. Handed out in elementary school. We had to get three doses. We each got a Sabin Oral Polio Vaccine card with the dates we got the vaccine.

Monkey AIDS (SV40) administered to millions of people in the 1950's Polio vaccines causing cancer generations later

Merck Pharmaceutical vaccine specialist Dr. Maurice Hilleman confesses that they imported AIDS into the US as part of their vaccine development program, and he LAUGHS hysterically about it!

***THE SALK POLIO VACCINE WORKS!*** APRIL 12, 1955 - APRIL 12, 2015 - CELEBRATING THE 60th ANNIVERSARY OF THE DAY EVERYONE FOUND OUT THE SALK POLIO VACCINE WORKED! Remember getting your Salk Polio shots? Now known as the IPV (or injectable polio vaccine).. Kids get a series of four IPV shots today. Polio has been eradicated everywhere except Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. PLEASE VACCINATE YOUR KIDS!

Several classmates had polio---The polio vaccine I recieved as a child was contaminated. I know that one other little girl in my class also got polio. I don't know how many children passed away from taking the polio shot. I can't seem to get the onformation. I guess they tried to keep it hush hush.

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Vintage 1950s Polio Prevention Inc "Whiskey or Polio" Public Service Booklet

whiskey or polio?