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  • Jodi Gibson

    LOL!!!This is a Cauliflower Kid which was a Cabbage Patch Kid knock off. I got one of these one year for Christmas, b/c we couldn't afford a Cabbage Patch and my poor mom tried to get this in its place...bless her heart

  • Conchita G

    Cauliflower Kids - the poor mans Cabbage Patch Kid! I think I had one...

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Oh man I want this! I have two other CPK patterns and I still have my original CPK that Mom made me from the Xavier Roberts pattern book!

Cabbage Patch kids : ) I was way too old, but my mom bought one for me anyway :)

Cabbage Patch Kids. My step brother sent my daughter one from Germany..there were quite afew on base.

I think every girl had to have one..

cabbage patch ~ I love cabbage patch & collect them. This is a pretty one.

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You were super lucky if you had a cabbage patch pet koosa

Best memory: playing "cops and robbers" on my Cabbage Patch Big Wheel. I loved that thing!