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asdlfjk so evocative.

lead by example

Anyone know who did this?

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Anyone know who did this?

Glowing Lights by Royah Loie

"Glowing Lights" © 2011 Royah Loie - x

<span class="artist"><strong>Sheila Clarkson</strong></span>, <span class="title"><em>Reflections at Abbot Pool</em>, 2014</span>

A group show of gallery artists, debuting new works by Laura Jordan, Emma Haworth's seascapes and Sheila Clarkson's pastel studies.

Price of Cm Russell Painting | Charles Marion Russell PAINTINGS and Biography

Price of Cm Russell Painting

Thomas Cole, The Voyage of Life Old Age 1842 - Romanticism - National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

Thomas Cole's "The Voyage of Life"  "Manhood" is the 3rd in the 4 piece series.  The series represents the stages of a man's life.  Each piece is incredible.  Its on display at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.

The Basic of Romantic Art

The Voyage of Life Manhood - Thomas Cole 1842

Mountain Landscape - Albert Bierstadt

Mountain Landscape - Albert Bierstadt --- I just LOVE Bierstadt

The Voyage of Life: Childhood  Thomas Cole (1842)  National Gallery of Art

The Voyage of Life: Childhood Cole, Thomas American, 1801 - 1848 The Voyage of Life: Childhood 1842 oil on canvas

OK, not a photo, but it's pretty.

OK, not a photo, but it's pretty.

Mark Willenbruch

Midnight Blue - Monoprint with watercolour

William Turner - Fishermen at Sea [c.1796]

Joseph Mallord William Turner 'Fishermen at Sea' exhibited 1796 - The final utterance of the era defining century artist J.Turner as he lay dying of cholera was " the Sun is God"

Томас Коул св. Иоанн в пустыне

Thomas Cole, Saint John in the Wilderness Fine Art Reproduction Oil Painting

Thomas Cole; American, 1801-1848, New England Scenery

Title: New England Scenery Artist: Thomas Cole Date: 1839 Medium: Oil paints

"Sunny River"  © 2011 Royah Loie - 32" x 40" painting

"Sunny River" © 2011 Royah Loie - x painting