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Detail of scarification on Masakin Nuba woman from Sudan, by Giancarlo Gamba.

A Cuna Indian woman dons elaborate jewelry and face paint.

Beautiful woman of the Shilluk tribe. Sudan.

On the road.

Shadi Ghadirian (Iran)

Vali Myers

vali myers

Vali Myers

witchofpositano: Vali’s earliest diary, Paris 1956

Peru | Cusco, 2007: Traditional women’s dress. District of Tinta, province of Canchis. | ©Mario Testino

Women in Peru , Ollantaytambo. | Photo credit: Hideki Naito

All you ppl with your 00 ear plugs don't have nothing on this guy!

Hamar, Ethiopia

"Kyrgyzstan; Ethnic Jewellery of Central Asia" Kadyrov (Author), Ian Caytor (Editor), V. Kadyrov (Illustrator) || This image is on the cover of the book.

via Desert Dreamer

Africa | Fady DIcko, 14, wears a traditional Tuareg headdress made by artisan Hally Bara in Gao, Mali | © Joe Penney

a Touareg girl

National Geographic, June 1971

People of Kamchatka, Russia

Abazinka girls, 1890s by Dmitri Ivanovich Yermakov

'A Young Cattleman' Cattle with enormous horns follow the lead of a small Dinka boy, a striking visual reminder of the surprising relationship humans have developed with these mighty animals. South Sudan Photos by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher