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Brothers - I wonder if H will cooperate for these kinds of pics in a few weeks? :)

LOVE these big brother and baby photos

Cute idea for @Meghan Gesswein's three boys. Maybe a little less "Come On, Eileen," though.

Oh my goodness, this is so freaking adorable. I'm sorry but I don't get people and their "two kids is good for me"........CANNOT wait for the future photo ops ;-)

I love babies but I love older siblings reactions to "their" new babies just as much :-)

oh the thoughts my daughter must have when she lays next to her baby sister... priceless memories! and such sweet innocence!

cutest girls ever! I hope I have children this adorable

Love this for a newborn photo, but I would have the big brother wear a shirt. Maybe that says Big Brother on it. I don't get the no shirt photos when the kids are older...

I love this pose idea. Gotta try with Susie and Chip while he is still small. Prob do it with Susie's shirt on so she's not embarrassed down the road. :)